Turn desolate planets into a vast trade empire. Hatch plans. Research game-breaking technologies. Still be done in time for lunch.

Enjoy the endless possibilities of a space grand strategy game in 60 minutes flat.


Slipways is the brainchild of Jakub Wasilewski, a solo game developer.

The game was born out of a love-hate relationship with games in the space 4X genre. While their depth is admirable, it's usually paired with a lot of micromanagement, a big time investment and a high barrier to entry. The original goal was to make a game that could deliver the same kick, but with much less hassle. This was the starting point, but the resulting game bridges the 4X, management and puzzle genres to offer its own unique blend of gameplay.

Slipways aims to stay simple and easy to grasp, while maintaining the feeling of growth and the depth of the larger titles. It started as a PICO-8 game, living within the confines of the 128x128-pixel screen of the fantasy console.

Now, it's a full-fledged PC game, larger in scope, but still true to the core ideas of simplicity and straightforward but deep gameplay. It's still developed full-time by a single person, with some help from other contributors.


  • easy to learn, hard to master, letting you start in 15 minutes but still discover new stuff 30 hours in
  • trade-based gameplay where each connection matters and planning is crucial
  • 5 alien races with separate technologies, missions and technological outlooks
  • 70+ technologies that change your whole game instead of a single number
  • randomized technology tree for increased replayability
  • procedurally generated planets and galaxies for endless variety
  • sector and planet modifiers to make each run different
  • campaign, endless and ranked run modes to let you play your way
  • regular content updates extending the game with new campaign missions and mechanics



  • Jakub Wasilewski – main developer
  • Chris Donnelly – music and audio
  • Johan Törnlund – character art